How Victory Overseas Edu Facilitates Your Journey to Study and Settle Abroad

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Victory Overseas Edu, is an overseas education consultants in Chennai, India. We are one of the renowned overseas visa consultancy in Chennai providing study visa, permanent resident to countries like Canada, Australia, European countries, Singapore and more.

Why study abroad? Explore the world through education and find unmatched benefits of studying abroad with Victory Overseas Edu.

Studying in a foreign country offers more than just educational qualification; it is a gate to personal growth and holistic development. When one choose to pursue education in a foreign country, one step onto an ‘N’ number of new possibilities and experiences which changes the perspective of seeing the world.

Broadened Perspectives: Stepping on an educational journey outside ones home country can transform the person. Getting an exposure of the diverse world, traditional and culture helps in refining perspectives of a person.
Cultural Immersion and building global networks: Studying and living in a new country helps to understand a variety of culture beyond the academic learning. Interactions with communities, local traditions and culture practices help in learning new things each day.

Supportive International Student Communities: Study in Singapore for international students and get university support system that offers full time comprehensive orientation programs, language support services and counseling sessions to overcome the barrier of a new place.

An Outstanding International Student Lifestyle: Educational institutions abroad often host extracurricular activities, sports, social clubs, and events. Engaging in these activities not only enriches a student’s life but also enhances the resume. Participating in university clubs and societies allows you to develop new skills that help in specific hobbies.

How Overseas Education Consultants in Chennai Can Help

Navigating through the intricate network of choosing the right institution, handling applications, getting desired accommodations, and preparing for a life in a new country can be daunting. This is where Victory Overseas Edu in Chennai steps in. With experienced knowledgeable team members one can get tailored advice, ensuring that the journey to studying abroad is smooth and successful.

How to proceed?

Choosing the Right Course: Right selection of the course is extremely crucial, the course should align with the academic interests and career goal.

Understanding Program Requirements: Once you’ve chosen your course, the next step is to examine the eligibility criteria for each program. This includes checking educational qualifications, language proficiency, and specific entrance exams that may or may not be required. GMAT, GRE, IELTS or TOFEL which one to give is a task.

Visa and Immigration Rules: Understanding the visa requirements is important. Each country has its own set of immigration laws and visa processes. If you want to study in Europe or you want to study in Singapore the immigration laws and processes are different. Policies like studying and doing part time job, working hours, duration and other type of employment related to a particular country differs.

Selecting Your Study Abroad Destination: Selecting the destination, depends on the academic excellence, cultural fit and financial factors of a student.

Our Role
Victory Overseas Edu, will play a vital role in helping you to identify the best courses and educational institutions based on the previous education and profile. Processing the application and preparing for mandatory tests with proper guidance and coaching, along with the implementation of the steps for getting study VISA and helping you till you step on to that country.

What is Permanent residency?
Permanent residency simply means a type of permit that allows a person to live, work and study till indefinite times. People seek for this after getting study visa. Also for the reason that it offers many benefits like access to healthcare system, social security, can buy a property and many more.

If you want to be permanent resident to Canada or permanent resident to Australia, you have to follow different processes. For Canada one can apply for permanent residency through number of ways, Canada offers nearly 80 different Provincial Nominee Programs i.e. PNP programs which help an individual to acquire the jobs that demand labour or low profile jobs.
Whereas Australia provides top 3 types of Australian PR VISAs, this includes:
Subclass 189 Visa: Where skilled independent PR is given to skilled workers who do not get sponsorship by an employer or a territory and allows one to stay anywhere in Australia permanently.
Subclass 190 Visa: It is for skilled workers who get state nominations. For this, the applicant should meet some specific requirements of that state or territory.
Subclass 491: This is a skilled work regional provisional VISA. It is specifically for skilled workers who want to live and work in regional areas of Australia. This requires sponsorship by a relative living in a renowned regional area or a territory.

What would I get after PR VISA?

  • Freedom to live work and settle in any part of the country.
  • Officially family members can go and reside.
  • Free education for children (up to a certain age)
  • Eligibility to sponsor a relative for PR
  • Job related opportunities increases
  • Health benefits for individual and family members

Criteria for applying a PR for Australia / Canada

  • Need 65 points on Point Grid (Australia and Canada might have different points)
  • Age limit is below 45 years.
  • Language proficiency is essential for a strong command on English. Scoring well in IELTS / TOFEL or PTE is mandatory.
  • Evaluation of the work, educational qualifications and skills
  • Occupation nomination ensures that the work experience one is carrying is on Demand list in that country.
  • Health and character: Maintaining good health and character status is mandatory for the safety of the people of that country.
  • Cost and fees one is capable to pay.

With a clear understanding of the countries, their requirements, educational institutions and their admission processes We can support a student to fulfill the dream of studying abroad. Contact us for more information.

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